Wednesday, February 18, 2009

why are you reading this post?

Hey there ... just checking in, have you come over to the new site yet? Seriously, what's holding you back? Why are you still here? You're missing out on all the fun of web 2 point woah we're having there. God, it's like you're still using that 40-pound button covered first-generation iPod and we're over there touching screens and downloading aps that do nothing but simulate the experience of drinking a beer. Hey, and on Thursday it will be the one-year anniversary of this blog, borne out of an hour of discounted beers and desperation in the lowly corner of a bar on Hilton Head. My, how far we've come. The use of spellcheck! Elementary level HTML editing! Just as many posts written when half-drunk on wine, but better quality wine!
Why not celebrate by changing your book marks and casting off this old, weary husk of a site?