Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 1- Hilton Head to Atlanta

I left Hilton Head this morning amid a flurry of goodbyes and failed attempts to sell furniture (you know you want to buy a bed from me. Let's do business). 

Good omens: Gas down to $2.04 on Hilton Head, $1.99 in Decatur. 

Bad omens: Tire exploding while doing 70 mph on the highway outside Macon, causing a major unloading of contents of trunk on side of I-75 to extricate donut, followed by discovery that the only unoccupied space in the car in which I could place the busted tire was on top of the contents of the passenger seat, therein completely blocking any and all lines of sight out the right hand side of the car. Yikes.


Barry said...

blogging from the road. Kleeshay!

Jay said...

How unfortunate. Good thing your donut was adequately inflated. I just checked mine in advance of my upcoming Xgiving road trip and found it to be at 30 psi. It's supposed to be at 60!