Friday, July 25, 2008

Trivia team names for the week

You're Next, Bea Arthur*
When Batman Hits His Mom, Does it Say 'POW!"?*
The Overzealous Deputy
One Knol of Jigga
A Stable Career in the IMAX Repair Industry
Matt Griffin's Batman: The Ride Revenge
Questlove's Poorly Wrapped Chipotle Burrito
Closed Exits and the Free Gallon of Gas Scheme
The Atlanta Rooftop Racists Association
The Layman's Deadbolt Shopper's Guide (Trailer Edition)

*Actually used in competition

1 comment:

hwong14 said...

Last night we used: "Picture it: Sicily, 1923" and won for best team name -- it got us a free round! We cam in second overall for the actual trivia.