Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'We hit the ball, Timmy hit a home run'

ah, the wonders you find when you put a Google alert out on your name. Also a candidate for the most unlikely combination of words to follow my name:

The heavy hitting (My Name) drove home Szanca in the next at-bat with a towering homer to right-center.

Donnelly's second home run of the season not only landed with a thud against the aluminum siding of a house across the street from the field, it essentially ended the contest - making the final score 9-5.

"We hit the ball, Timmy hit a home run," Szanca said.

Not only can I not definitively say what sport this is (could be baseball, but also cricket is a strong possibility), I've been scouring the web site to find where this newspaper is located, all to no avail. Best I can find is it's in McKeesport, Pa., where the sky is always blue and the Donnellys always swing way.

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Peter said...

It's baseball numbnuts.